Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Acceptance, the Breath and Gratitude



Through my experiences with clients and friends I have come to understand as human beings our nature is very complex. Many of us have fears, thoughts, emotions and feelings that are unique to us, which create our own perspective on everything and ultimately our reality.

For many life is very demanding, the challenge of constant change, the fear of the unknown and the inability to really love ourselves and others unconditionally. These are all products of the separation created in our minds, by the societies we live in. In truth life is happening through us for us. There is no separation. What happens between us and the entire universe, happens between us and everyone and everything around us. We are all unique divine sparks of one energy.

There are many people experiencing a divine shift now. This shift of consciousness is a move from living from the head to living in the heart. It is this shift that is creating some emotional, mental and physical  challenges for people as everything they thought they knew comes into the light of truth. It can bring up deeply conditioned worries, stresses, fears and anxieties. As we have been taught from a very young age to use our heads to make decisions and to listen to our minds for guidance. We have not been taught to use our hearts to guide us or that our hearts have an incredible high frequency of intelligence.

Life is a series of experiences, all of which help us to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Experiences are neither “good” nor “bad”, nor “right” nor “wrong”. They are simply opportunities for growth, healing and development. They help us to see the truth of who we are. As we remove all the labels, expectations, beliefs and conditionings we have accumulated we notice this. Our minds will often judge our experiences and this creates conflict within ourselves. Learning to see life with new eyes helps us appreciate the process of every experience.

Fear is the result of a feeling separate. This includes the fear that we are not “good enough”, the fear of not being loved, not being “succcessful”. The fear that there is something “wrong” with us, that we don’t “fit in”, that someone will leave us and it goes on. All these ideas have been adopted by us unwittingly through the ideals imparted to us in society. Fear in reality is just a thought, something our minds have come up with to distract us from what is available to us right here and now.

The pain that fear can illicit is immense and it comes from a place that is built on our previous experiences, beliefs and conditioning. One of the most painful experiences we have ever had is the the separation we felt as a child when we were born. We spent 9 months in absolute bliss, peace and joy where all of our needs were met. We had no concept of fear, separation or loneliness. We were not born with those systems in place. It is only after our birth and our physical separation from our mothers that our sense of identity starts to percolate. It is this sense of identity that is ingrained in us, from the moment we receive our name we begin to form the idea that we are somehow separate. We can limit our entire lives through the fear of separation. It can manipulate our behaviour, our minds, our actions, thoughts and deeds. The pain of unfelt feelings, emotions and un-faced fear can be so debilitating for the body and mind, that some people are willing to to take their own lives because of it. This is also the biggest cause of addiction. The addict looks for ways to numb their experience and escape their feelings and emotions through the use of physical activities such as sex, taking drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol, food can also be used in this way too.

Fear is actually an integral part of the survival mechanism. It is triggered by our fight or flight instinct. It is a passing emotion and will arise if we feel we are being threatened in any way. This can be logical such as in the case of a natural disasters or it can be completely irrational and unique to us. Fear is a transient aspect of our being, it is not something that will stay with us. It can change in any moment, through the power of deep acceptance, through embracing it as part of our experience. Learning to become inquisitive about brings with it a whole new way of experiencing it. It won’t be easy to start with but when fear arises welcome it, be aware of it, give it space. You can say to yourself  “I accept this feeling. I accept that I am feeling this now, I love myself  and the one who is feeling ”. It is this simple act that will dispel and dissolve the emotion, replacing it with something else and bringing you into the present moment. Bringing you to a place of self-love and peace within your being.

When we experience emotions such as anxiety, abandonment and depression, these are also products of fear. It is important to recognise that we are not these emotions. They are a small transient part of our nature as physical beings and when we suppress or deny them, we are ultimately suppressing and denying aspects of our experience. This act of suppression allows these feelings to grow stronger. This at of suppression is actually the cause of wars. As we begin an inner conflict within our own bodies. Feelings arise in order to be felt. If they are not felt and not welcomed they will fester into something else, often dis-ease is the result of buried emotion’s. It is the deep and loving acceptance and willingness to feel emotions that will release and heal them. No-thing else will do this!

In every moment there is an opportunity to discover true happiness. One of the ways in which we can do this is by connecting with our breath. It might sound simple, because it is! Becoming aware of our in breath at every point and allowing our awareness to follow our breath at every point creates a space in our thought patterns where our mind becomes totally focused on what is happening now. This is the nature of meditation. In meditation everything begins to slow down as we find a focal point for our minds and direct our attention. Through the process of focusing on the breath our energy or chi becomes single pointed and our mind, heart and body harmonise in awareness and peace. The mind becomes soothed, calm and the daily chatter that can be experienced no longer becomes the focus of attention for the mind. With this practice mind is set free and a whole new way of experiencing effortless begins.

In each moment through this practice with the breath, suffering begins to dissolve. All suffering is a product of the mind and its interpretation of whatever is happening. The minds job is to attempt to figure everything out, to solve everything and it is also the cause of these so called “problems” that it wants to solve. In order to keep itself entertained, it creates problem after problem and solution after solution in a land of fantasy that doesn’t actually exist. It really is a monkey mind! It can get very tricky. When we practice this breathing meditation the mind begins to loose its grip no longer controlling our consciousness.  We discover that we have shifted our attention to our breath and that simultaniously we become the present moment. The present or Now, holds everything, it is the source of limitless possibilities. It contains all the joy, peace and healing that we need and every other possible feeling and emotion that arises from these. The present moment is here and now, it is void of memories of the past and no concerns for the future. There can be no fear in this moment, no anxiety and no depression, only the presence of the body and mind, as one, in harmony, in a state of love and freedom. With techniques of the breathe anxiety fades and does fear, but first it must be felt.

Everyday begin a fresh, use your beginners mind to look without interpretation and witness the process of this magic that is you. On waking up the first words you can choose can be ” Thank you”. Let those two words roll around in your head clearing away any preconceived ideas. Let those words sink deep into your being knowing and feeling the truth of them. See the perfection in your experience, notice that each moment has brought you here, now to this one. Everything has been guiding you here. Everything has been and is guiding you home. Home is where you heart is for there is no better place to rest. ” I Love you” let those  words fall deeply into your heart. This is the path of devotion to live in gratitude for everything just as it is. To take loving action for yourself when needed and to focus on the things in your life that you feel grateful for. Allow this feeling of Gratitude to grow. Create a journal if you like and aim everyday to find something that you feel grateful for and see what happens, become aware of the process of gratitude. Whatever is happening, has a purpose, it serves as a way to help you wake up to your Self, to the true essence of your being. Life is helping you to see the miraculous, amazing being that you truly are. True guidance in life comes from your heart and your heart always knows where you are going, its time to BE THE MIRACLE YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

Love and Many Blessings,



Growing a Spiritual Network….

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If you have a dream don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of you making that dream come true. Especially when that dream is for the growth and service of others, for humanity. After an intense spiritual awakening, I was guided in a meditation to start a group. A powerful force arose within me and I knew I had to begin straight away. I had no idea what I was doing! I had no idea what to do first or even if I could do it on my own? haha I still don’t! However I like to think now I do the “not knowing” with a little more trust, grace and a bit more efficientcy! I was “given” the word “Seed” and “to plant a seed” and all that that encompassed. I was now planting seeds.

It only took a few weeks to get things moving. It was mid May in 2012, after I had finished my foundation degree in Complementary Therapies and before I had had my graduation (July). The first meeting was in a lovely little hotel in Congelton, Cheshire called the Alexander Court Hotel. The manager was amazing, so happy and open to our ideas. I had formed a partnership with someone I had met through a local radio station. She was willing to work with me to create the beginnings of what was then known as Seed, soon to be The Seed Pod.

We had a room full on that first day there were 11 of us. In those days I wasn’t charging for entrance and we ran from 10.am until 12.30pm. It was the beginning and I wanted to see what was possible and how it was going to work. A wonderful women turned up on that day right at the end of the meeting! Someone I had already met a few months previously, but didn’t know anything about. She insisted we do some of the groups at her house in her pods, I had no understanding of what these “pods” were! I felt a little reluctant, I was acutely aware that this was good idea I had and I wanted to nurturer it, nourish it and water it, like you would any seed.

I was taking baby steps towards something that filled me with excitement and love. I was a little wary. It was enough for me to include one person in this venture. I had never worked with anyone in this way before and wasn’t even sure if I could do it or even if I needed to. As creation would have it things started to become a strain and a little challenging, as we both started to pull in different directions. It became abundantly clear that we both wanted to create different things. I didn’t want the big commercial business. I was totally focused on connection, integrity, growth and most importantly meditation.

The business split was one of the toughest decisions I had to make. It hurt, but it was evident that I could do this on my own and we no longer needed each other. We were both ready to fly! It was a huge, especially as it wasn’t what she wanted. You know that feeling when something feels uncomfortable and its so much easier to keep going instead of face the changes. I realised I had to take responsibility for the way I was feeling and listen to my intuition, which had a very intense message for me! I haven’t looked back. I know in my heart that everything is just as it should be and that she is thriving.

It swiftly moved on from the humble beginnings in the little hotel in Congleton. I found myself leaping at the opportunity to work at the “Pods” and in the “Barn” which turned out to be the most incredible venue I could of possibly imagined. My dream was coming true and I didn’t even feel like I was “doing” anything, it seemed to just be happening. The lady who’s venue it was, turned, out to be one of the most inspirational, supportive and guiding forces for me at that time. She has opened up my life and made me believe in my Self and helped me to own my purpose. She has given me confidence, as I was quite shy at first. She used to do the introductions at the events and I would just listen in amazement at her glowing confidence. I found it hard to speak in front of people. It can still be a little challenging now, but I know that what is being created is far more powerful than my nervous speech. I also notice that the more I speak my truth the more easily the words flow. The less I think about it the better it is.

I had my first meeting at the “Pods” in August 2012 and it was my Birthday. The venue is now affectionately known as Blisslands, it has been completely transformed and the lives of all those living there have been transformed too. Its been nearly 4 years now since it all began. I have grown in unimaginable ways and I have watched literally 100’s of people come through the events, now known as Utopia (after a short stop gap as BE_YIN). For each event I choose my speakers using my intuition. I have never been afraid of asking anyone. I know that what is being created is far beyond this “me” I see in the mirror. I know I have to think “big” and see ‘no limitation” or “boundaries” with what is possible! There are endless possibilities and what I seem to do is connect with them.

The speakers offer many paths to a joyful celebration of our inner nature and they travel to Utopia from all over the world. This still continues to amaze me, I never take anything for granted. I know I am blessed to do this “work” and I am so grateful. Many of these people have stayed with me and I have been responsible for picking them up from train stations and often the airport, usually Manchester. I generally look after them as well as I can. I create a sacred space here in my home for them to recharge, relax and unwind. They often tell me that they have felt like they were on retreat even though they came here to “work”. Its been an absolute joy to have such inspirational and fascinating people stay with me. Sometimes if feels like there is a magnet on my front door magnetising these incredible people here.

Utopia runs every two months now at Blisslands and it usually starts at 10am and finishes at 5.30pm. My events have covered everything from past-life regression, to festivals, Kirtan and book signings. I have also given away 100’s of free and discount places over the years, to those who were desperate to come but finding it hard to get the finances together. When you know what that feels like you can’t help but reach out. I have also started running other events, playshops, workshops and satsangs at different venues around Cheshire, as I continue to spread my wings. I also offer discounts for those that are struggling to get the finances together. I never turn anyone away due to their financial situation.

You can find out more about my events here: http://www.awakeninglove.co.uk and if you feel that you want to support me in supporting others please use the donate button. This helps me to continue to create free content and give places and discounts away.

Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤


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The Cosmic Soup


As I am sitting looking with fresh eyes at the glass vase filled with water on my table…I am noticing with a quiet mind the exquisite beauty of the flowers blooming at the top of the stems.The way each lily gives space to the one next to it, each with an opportunity to blossom. None taking too much space or too little, all with their heads towards the sky. All the leaves on the stems are also making room for each other, no crowding the other, all holding their own sacred space.
Are we like these flowers? Are we rooted deep in a Cosmic Soup? A place filled with billions of possibilities? A place where a billion expressions of Love is happening now, is possible now? A small pond, a stream, a lake, a river, all expressions of the Ocean…just seeing and being seen from different points of view, from a different perspective? Each holding the potential of the Ocean.
Do we, like the flowers stems…filter our experience of the Cosmic Soup? Because it is too much for us to see and experience all at once here and now?
Just as the water is feeding the flowers in the vase, is this Cosmic Soup feeding us? Is the Cosmic Soup God? Where do “I” begin? Where do “I” end?
There is a point where the stems are no longer fully immersed in water…is this the point we refer to as NOW? This is the only point along the stem where there is a reflection happening within the water and both sides of the stems can be seen to echo the pattern of the ones above and below.
In this now is their a reflection of something much deeper happening, where all possibilities are flowing to a point of experience, is this who we are? A point of experience out of time, out of matter simultaneously existing in both “worlds”?
Can the flower choose to bloom? Or does it have a distinct purpose to simply be…its Self? Be beautiful? To be what it IS? Does a flower complain about anything? Does it trust in its process? How ready and willing is a flower to Bloom? What happens to the essence of a flower once it dies…does its scent remain for a while after? Does the fullness of its being still impact the space it once held?
Does one flower blooming make a difference?
It is obvious the flower is not competing with anything or anyone, it simply knows that it is perfect in its imperfection. Is the Dharma of a flower to Be to the fullest of its potential? To Bloom as fully as is possible, so that its petals can not reach any further in all directions so that it tastes this world as fully as possible while also remaining fully immersed in the “other”,as it draws on the Cosmic Soup for nourishment, nutrients, information and Love?
You are all aspects of the Flower, the Cosmic Soup, the Stem and the Bud, the water in the glass…the Ocean and you are happening Now. The way in which you see your Self depends on the ways in which you look. If you look with the mind you will see things, thoughts, stories, judgement, the body, the mind, desires, form, contructs, constraints, conditionings, beliefs, patterns, religion, separation, the material. If you look with the heart you will see love, perfection, the formless, freedom, divine desire, oneness, acceptance, connection, being-ness, truth, experience, purpose, divinity, integrity, belonging, becoming, purpose, magic, now, God in all things as all things.
Both of these experiences are needed, you can not know one without first knowing the other and you can not Be fully without knowing what you truly are. No-thing is excluded and all is perfect.
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

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Running with Wolves


When a man is confronted by a wild women he will not be able to treat her like the others, for she is a Goddess and she knows things about him he doesn’t yet know about himself. She knows all of his secrets, she sees his darkness and his light. He can not manipulate her, he can not cross her path without her permission. She is a force for his transformation.
She knows the possibilities that lie before him, she knows the beauty of his heart, she knows his potential and she knows the intention behind his will.
The bravest most courageous man will see her run with the wolves and he will choose to run beside her. For he knows the depths of Love are far greater than his fear of annihilation.
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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Magic and Rebirth


I have one plant that looks completely dead at first glance. Everything is brown, shrivelled and decaying… until you look closely at the soil underneath and notice these tiny new leaves just poking through above the surface. Those tiny leaves are the only visible sign that something is happening….
Most people, I am guessing would see the dead plant and throw it away….not realising that there is a whole process of rebirth happening underneath the surface.
How often do we give up, disregard an idea, a person thinking that we know the outcome? How often do we look at something and think we know the full spectrum of possibilities? How often do we judge others and circumstances based on how things look? Or what they have done?
What if there is always growth, magic and rebirth happening underneath the surface? What if we just need to be patient and not give up on something or someone? What if the possibility for growth and change are impossible to measure?
What if just like my beautiful plant…everyone is capable of dying to their old ways, experiences and behaviours with an opportunity to emerge through all the challenges as someone, something stronger, far more beautiful, filled with more determination, wisdom and light?
The first time I noticed my plant rebirth itself I was astounded as I was convinced I hadn’t looked after it properly…but what I came to understand was that this plant needs to fully die so that the dying part of the plant can nourish the new growth which is being birthed within it.
The plant takes all its nutrients back into the soil, into the darkness to the heart of its being.
Like the plant there is undoubtedly a part of us that needs to die to itself to nourish and encourage the new seed of possibilities to grow within each of us. The part that dies is all the accumulations of the past, just like the plant we die to what was in order to become who and what we truly are in this moment.
Adversity, challenges, difficulties and suffering are our friends that help us realise the necessity for growth. They push us back into the soil, right to the centre of our being, our very core of existence, into the darkness to search for our reason for living and this stimulates a new depth of experience. A new opening.
We become more of ourselves, we a accept and encompass everything about ourselves bringing the whole of our being here, bringing us to wholeness, holiness. In this holiness
we realise our oneness and we realise we are the source of everything.
You are birth, deathless death and rebirth and so the cycle goes on. Blessed be Beloveds.

Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

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The Matrix


As I sit here with this whirlwind of emotions moving through “me” my heart aches this is a sensation I have become familiar with it aches….for something more….it aches to remember…what it is to feel loved….to pull me back just for a moment….is it all really just a game? Where all the men and women are merely players…?
Why are we all trapped in this crazy matrix…this beautiful Eden…? When really there is no-thing here..at all only space..only stars only pure potentiality….? A figment of our imaginations….our collective imagination?
Why Am I wandering on this path alone..no-body beside me? Where is this body….we are all walking moon and star dust….Knowing there is no-body here…how can anyone ever walk beside me? Vivid imagination…..Surely we are all just walking alone…? All heading in the same direction…..? Home….?
So far no-thing ever worked out with anyone…..apart from my Self….and that’s going really well I think it might last an eternity! I have learnt the most out of this relationship!
Maybe I will never know what it feels like to be truly loved..by another? Maybe Love is too vast and too infinite to be known fully in this experience? In this matrix? I know of a love that exists outside of all boundaries…but love is just a word and it is beyond all words and there is no one there waiting….for anything!
I this heart crys out for the experience of another who like “me” is dedicated to God…..to serve…to service….this is my dream…..it’s all a dream….really…..what’s yours?
I woke in the dream to realise I was dreaming and that this is all dreamtime and in a moment I can get pulled into illusion that this is all real…..and then I remember and then I forget and then I remember…..what madness is this mystery?
I can never forget God and I can never forget Death….my constant companions on this journey….the path laid before me….is not a path I can navigate but rather one that appears as my footsteps move in the direction of love….creating a new path to God….❤ where all shall walk for eternity….
Only One, Only Now, Only Here….only THIS……
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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Another door Opening


When your “time” is up there is **** all you can do about it….
Don’t be sad, don’t be sorry…they will always be here, they haven’t gone anywhere….there is no-where to go…there is only here and NOW!
They have left this world to go into another…all is happening simultaneously….you too will leave this world to enter another….it is all GRACE….No-Body is going before their time…it is simply not possible….
This journey in the physical body will end….that is certain….everything changes that is certain too….you are eternal….forever existing…infinite
NO-thing is ever left undone….all comes to its full and beautiful conclusion….and the footsteps they left here will create a path for others to walk on for the rest of eternity….
BELoveds…..it is all just another door….OPENING…
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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Awake in the Dream


This morning I awoke with a deep pain in my chest and what felt like intense anxiety….. at the need to get up. I felt exhausted, just totally wiped out. These feelings are a reoccurring experience for me, but I realise this might not be pain and it may very well not be anxiety for those are just words…ideas in my mind. Some label my mind has come up with to help “me” make sense of or work something out. This is what the mind is always attempting to do, solve everything, fix everything and in attempting to solve things it creates more “problems” and more “labels”, as it can not figure out or resolve things that are beyond it. These “feelings” could simply be my souls realisation, recognition that I am in this body and on awaking, there is some shock to the system as this realisation once again settles in. We are so much more than this body.
Often these days I have a sense of movement, a vibration, a pulsation that moves through me. Like I am the heart beat of this entire universe, like whatever is being felt is the depths of this mystery in all it’s billion expressions of love.
As I sit with these experiences, as I allow these feelings and give them space, accept them, there is a noticing of their passing through, a noticing that no-thing is permanent. Everything being felt is like a rush of wind around a mountain, the mountain is solid, steady, powerful and immovable. The mountain knows the wind, it knows the sensations, but it is not defined by it. It is not moved by it, it remains steadfast in the knowledge that it’s a part of the experience, the wind is simply an expression of the divine.
It is only the labels we give things that create our pain or suffering, it is only our need for something to be “right” or “wrong” that creates our suffering. In truth it is all experience and we are all like the mountain, powerful, steadfast and unaffected by everything, indestructible.
Life is here for each one of us to know our own awakening, our power and our infinite, deathless, indestructible nature.
Everything we see, everything we witness, is coming from inside ourselves. It has to be this way because we are the perceiver of our experience. When you look into the eyes of another you see your Self. You see one soul, you see your inner divinity looking back at you through the eyes of the entire universe. The love you feel for another is the love you feel for your Self.
Never make another responsible for your happiness or your sadness, they can not be responsible. You are the master of your emotions, you are the one that can choose love, choose peace. In every moment there is a gift for us, in every moment there is treasure to be discovered. In every moment realisation is possible.
The eyes of love are every where, look around what do you see? What is calling to your soul? God is calling you to know your Self in every moment, God is showing you something more. In every moment there is a possibility to deepen into love, into this ocean of possibilities.
I love you ❤️
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

Photo by Wes Angelozzi

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The Eyes of the Heart


Part of what occurs through the process of awakening is a deepening of the connection between the heart and the mind and this creates a new perception, one that allows us to look at life through the eyes of the heart. Then we begin to see that all is Love and always has been. We begin to see this mystery as a billion different expressions of Love.
As the heart opens with our growing awareness the capacity to show love and be love grows exponentially, encompassing every one and every thing around us. Our experience becomes an exploration in the ocean of love, with infinite depths that reach out all those around us and especially those that are willing to show us their own truth and vulnerability.
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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A Daily Prayer


Your flames ignite me…
Burning everything that is no longer needed….
Take it all….take it all I ask of you….leave no-thing left of me…..
Show me the the Kingdom of God that reigns supreme within my being….
Let all your flames wash over me….wash through me…..
Let each one burn me a new so that I may see each moment with fresh eyes….so I may experience the beauty of your eternal presence…..
Take me…..take all of me…..
Burn through me with a fire so bright that all that remains is you……
Let me ignite all those around me with your infinite love…..
Bless them all with your light…..
Show them the kingdom that burns within…..
I am that, I am
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤