Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Sacred Sisters Circle & Playshops


Beloved Sacred Sisters,

This is a Womens Circle and Playshop and Gathering for ALL WOMEN everywhere on Saturday the 28th of January 2017 at 10.30am until 5.00pm.

Your investment for this beautiful day is £68, contact me to book or copy and paste this link and you can book here http://www.shopforyourinner.guru/product/sacred-sisters-1-day-playshop/ There are 15 places (space is limited) for this playshop. On the door on the day it will be £88, subject to availablity.

Dear Sacred Sisters, Women of the World,

I have created a playshop just for you! I am excited to invite you to be with me and a group of beautiful women for this powerful, 1 day sacred gathering and deep dive. This is a women’s day retreat it is exclusively for women wanting to deepen in their awakening to freedom, empowerment, and conscious evolution. It is about our commitement to our spiritual growth and to the evolution of this planet. It is about discovering our power and learning to use it. Is this you? Or a woman you know?
Through my 41 years so far I have learnt many things and studied life extensively. In June 2012 I had a powerful and profoundly life changing experince which started to shifted my views on life and everything that I had come to know.
This cataclysmic transformation promted me to question what I was choosing in my life and inspired me to start the Awakening Love community at Blisslands in Congleton.
As a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Reiki Master I am commited to helping you to make changes in your life, I am commited to helping you see your divine power and stay connected to the deepest parts of your Self.

Is there an aspect of your life you would like to enrich or change? What would it feel like for you to have the confidence and trust in yourself and life? To know your truth?
Through this poweful process that I have created we can together explore the nature of our reality, what it means to be a women in these changing times and how we navigate our way through from a place of power and strength.
What would it feel like to embody the fullness of you? What would it feel like to live your potential and be in tune with your highest purpose? Who will you become?
That beautiful radiant women is blossoming within you right now and she wants to be set free. In the Womens Sacred Sisters Playshop you will learn to embody your divine potential in loving and enriching ways.

Here on the 28th of January 2017, we will work with each other in celebration and ceremony to release what no longer serves us, create our new life, actualize our true desires, and embody our infinite potential. We will delve into the mystery, magic and truth of who we are and honour our responsibility as extraordinary women.

” A huge thank you to Dhyan for an incredibly inspiring day. Feeling very positive, full of love, I enjoyed sharing a connection with Dhyan and the ladies (Goddesses), we were all vibrating at the same frequency, sharing stories and I leave today feeling more present and grateful.” – JM


“A Beautful day with beautiful people. Emotional, cleansing and heartwarming. A big thank you to Dhyan for fasciliating this event and the sharing of energies through-out the day.” – JL

” I am so grateful for the safe, loving environment you have created for us today at the first Sacred Sisters Circle Playshop. I’ve loved everything about it, I found it fascinating and I can’t wait to share our energies again.”
– KB

Sisters you can book here http://www.shopforyourinner.guru/product/sacred-sisters-1-day-playshop/

If you’re a man reading this, know that you too are loved. The Sacred Sisters Playshop is not about exclusion. It is about women helping women evolve together, so that we can fully embody the divine feminine Goddess and become more present to the truth of who we are in service to others and our world.

I am excited to invite you to be with me and my group of beautiful Goddesses for this, 1 day Sacred gathering. This Sacred Sisters 1 day retreat is exclusively for women wanting to deepen in their awakening to freedom, empowerment, and conscious evolution. It is about our commitement to our spiritual growth and to the evolution of this planet.

Come and be with us on the 28th of January 2017, as we work with each other in celebration and ceremony to release what no longer serves us, create our new life, actualize our true desires, and embody our infinite potential. We will delve into the mystery, magic and truth of who we are and honour our responsibility as extraordinary women. This 1 day retreat will run from 10.30am until 5.00pm on Saturday the 28th of January 2016 in The Goddess Temple at Blisslands, Heather Bank Farm, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 3NA, in the UK. Save your sacred space here http://www.shopforyourinner.guru/product/sacred-sisters-circle-playshops/


The intention for the Sacred Sisters Playshop has arisen from my own deep devotion to the evolution of this planet and what it means to be a women in these new and transformational times. There is so much more for us to discover about our power, potential and this divine feminine energy that each one of us embodies. Here we will delve into the mystery, magic and truth of who we are and honour our responsibility as extraordinary women.

” Inspiring, extremely helpful, feeling very safe and exactly in the right space at the right time. Great exercises that really get “deep”. ” – GT

Beloved Sacred Sisters is you are bursting with infinite potential! This retreat is an invitation to you to express your truth, to dive into life without fear, to love yourself more fully and deeply and to embody the fullness of your divine feminine creative nature. Now is the time to transcend from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s the time for all women to rise to their Goddess nature, to stand in her power with grace and a deep devotion to the evolution of this planet.

These Playshops are a sacred safe space for women to share everything and explore their divine nature. It is a place to share wisdom, experience, Love, relationships, parenthood and anything else want to share in confidence with each other, in a loving, supportive and kind way. The focus is on our commitment to the evolution of this planet. It is about discovering our power and learning together. It is about the growth of the divine feminine and what it means to be a women in this beautiful new world we are creating. To honour our individuality and our oneness, to share our purpose and passion. I encourage you to join me on a this journey of discovery and service to ourselves and others, as we learn to fully embody the presence that we are in this divine way. What an exciting journey to begin!

” A beautiful day shared with beautiful souls. Such a blessings to share safe space, to give and receive loveland to take more steps along the journey to awakening. I am opening my heart a little bit more, learning a little bit more and healing a little more. Thank you Dhyan.” – KLR

In the Sacred Sisters Playshops women empower women to be the best they can be, to stand firmly and courageously in their feminine power, presence, honesty and truth. Deepening their understanding of the role of the Goddess and the Priestess divine feminine within them.

” Thank you so much for an inspiring and enlightening experience. We’ve learnt so much and become more comfortable with who we really are. I hope to come to more of your events.” – CH

We will explore the meaning of prayer, healing foods, ways to look after our bodies and each other, sacred mantras and adornment. We will look at ways to fully embody our divine nature and explore what that truly means. Its an opportunity to connect to like minded women in a nurturing and caring environment. The Playshop Includes: Empowerment, Inspiration, Deep Spiritual Disscussion, Encouragement, Hugs, Sharing, Dancing, Relaxation, Relationship play, Meditation, Mantras, Self Care, Emotional play, Group and Individual Blessings. Forgiveness, Heart play, Angel Alchemy, Gratitude, Letting Go, Manifesting, Connecting, Group and Individual Healing, Presence, Sacred Space, Transformation, Purpose, Health and Love.

” Thank you Dhyan for such a great day, filled with inspiration, learning, love and laughter. You are an incredible teacher, continue to share your great work.” – EW


Playshops run from 10.30am, please arrive on the day at 10.15am for registration, welcome hugs and tea. From 10.30am we will dive deep into the mystery of the divine feminine. There will be some dancing, meditation, deep inner work, relaxation, group healing, silence, stillness and all of the above.

You will need to wear comfy warm clothing, thick socks, bring a bottle of water with you, a blanket, throw, wrap and a cushion if you have one. You will also need a notebook, pen and a large bottle of water. If you like you can bring your lunch with you or you can use any of the near by wonderful facilities.

We will have an hour for lunch and a couple of breaks through out the day.

We will finish the day at 5.00pm on the Saturday.

The 1 day playshop exchange is £68 per person. On the door on the day it will be £88 (subject to availability).

You can pay here: http://www.shopforyourinner.guru/product/sacred-sisters-circle-playshops/

with Much Love and Many Blessings,

Let the sacred adventures begin and the Goddesses flourish!


The Goddess is not some divine creature, fable nor fairytale. She dwells within each and every one of us, she is our essence our fragrance. She is like the crushed rose, who’s perfume lingers after life times of learning. She sleeps until gently kissed by grace, at the perfect moment.
Once she awakens she moves mountains and all men awaken in her presence. It is then she is seen for who and what she truly is…the divine feminine aspect of ONE, of ALL.
She is YIN.
She is Love and Compassion.
Love Dhyan ❤️

Freedom calls me from deep within enticing me into a life of precious surrender and adventure….
But I am women who is chained to the sink, led to believe that a Prince Charming can rescue me….save me from this life of chained misery…..
Love beckons from hidden depths in my own heart..follow me….follow me….sweetly whispered in my ears…..
But I am mother who can not leave her family…led to believe that is her only destiny….
God is knocking on my door….will you let me in? What is more important than I?
But I am wife I must do my duty, put all others first that’s what is expected of me…..
Silence is here…it permeates my entire being….there is no body knocking, no whispering, no calling …..I Am….no more……I AM home, I am not this body, nor this mind, I am not these emotions, nor these words, I am no women, no mother, no wife…. I am no words only this…..
Here now eternally…..unchained by this great mystery…..
Love Love Dhyan ❤️


The Empowered Women

I walk my own path… I am not concerned with yours….or your ideas, beliefs, conditioning.
My only concern is that I Love fully, I Give fully and I Live my purpose fully and I express the deepest parts of me, as they are also the deepest parts of you ❤️
I don’t expect you to approve of “me”, like “me” or even agree with “me” or understand “me” and no I don’t want to explain either.
I am not interested in who is more spiritual, who “knows” more, I am not interested in duality, non duality…I can only speak and live from my own experience, as this is where my universe starts….
I am not interested in hiding in a cave and not sharing my experiences or speaking about “spiritually” as many would believe is the done thing…not to speak up about any experiences…isn’t this more conditioning?
What are we hiding from?
There is an old paradigm and I am not interested in perpetuating that!
I know who I AM, I know what I AM and the way I understand it thats the most important thing in life….every thing else is just a play, a dance, a play of form the formless becoming form though thoughts, actions and Love, our ability to create…
BUT while I am in this body I will respect what it gives me, the possibilities it shows me, the sensations I feel, the emotions I feel, I will respect that the whole universe is here now within me and that yes I can in this body make choices….I can choose to move towards LOVE or I can choose to move towards fear …and so can you!


There are conscious worthy men, I believe so. It’s not that they aren’t worthy, it’s that some do not know how to love, how to really love a women, because they do not know how to love themselves. Wild women are ready for the challenge, they are ready to risk it all to show this man the magnitude of unconditional love.
Faced with a challenge a lot of men run for the hills, it’s too much to have to investigate the darkness and the light. It’s not all roses, it takes a brave wild man to want to plummet those depths and risk loosing himself so that he can truly know him Self. In loving a wild women, a free women he has to the opportunity to know God, through the depths of love he comes home.
Love ❤️


When a man is confronted by a wild women he will not be able to treat her like the others, for she is a Goddess and she knows things about him he doesn’t yet know about himself. She knows all of his secrets, she sees his darkness and his light. He can not manipulate her, he can not cross her path without her permission. She is a force for his transformation.
She knows the possibilities that lie before him, she knows the beauty of his heart, she knows his potential and she knows the intention behind his will.
The bravest most courageous man will see her run with the wolves and he will choose to run beside her. For he knows the depths of Love are far greater than his fear of annihilation.
Love ❤️


It was the birthday of Ganesh yesterday, the remover of obstacles in our lives and these last few days have had a dramatic effect on my life. On Tuesday the 15th of Sept 2015 I had my first ever Tantra Massage. I was ridiculously nervous (yes I am human!!), I had no idea what to expect, what I was getting myself into and I also had no preconceived ideas about what it was, as I have never studied Tantra and I had concluded by myself that it is the deepening of intimacy with God or all that is. I do know that the questionnaire was lengthy and there were questions on there I had never even asked myself! What a chance to discover how I really felt about so many aspects of my life and also a chance to see what changes I had already made! Some of the questions made me feel a little sad especially regarding my relationship experiences, but it all helped to highlight whats important to me now and the ways in which I choose to move forward. I felt good about the fact I had stopped smoking over 14 years ago now and that I gave up drinking over 2 years ago. I felt great about the fact I tried drugs and was sensible enough to give them up when I realised they were never going to get me to that place of Peace only I could do that! I made a promise to myself to give myself all of those things that I have previously denied myself in one way or another. The Ego is so clever at manipulating us into believing certain things about what is really possible! This deepening aspect of Tantra of course includes all aspects of life, nature, the body, relationships and of course sex and our relationship with all of these!

Tantra Massage is an intimate process, so getting naked in front of a stranger and actually a strange man was a pretty weird thing for me to be doing on a Tuesday afternoon. It felt a little challenging and there was all sorts of resistance that came up before the session and a little still remained through it. I however remained brave, if you want to call it that and surrendered as much of myself to the process as possible. I can see that it has deeply connected me to my body, my sexuality even more so, my Goddess nature and also brought a greater awareness to what my body needs and how I can better take care of it. Tantra really is about getting naked in all senses of the word, its about stripping away some more of those hidden beliefs around intimacy, sex, relationships and learning to express whats within you with out holding anything back. Its about being honest with your Self your feelings, your wants and needs and to honour those as you honour the universe for bringing you here. Tantra is seeing the beauty in all the parts of you spiritually, emotionally and physically. If you have body issues it can help you to heal those. I have a scar from when I was given an emergency caesarean and I was cut so close to my second chakra, though the Tantra massage I was able to understand more about how this had affected my life and reclaim this part of my body bringing my Self a bit more into wholeness. I was also able to breath all the stuck energy out and breath healing love, light and wisdom back into that space so that chakra could serve me as it is meant to!


We only have one body and who knows whats going to happen, so making conscious healthy choices in this moment is vital. This experience is certainly confirming why I need to make the changes, not because its cool or hip or to do with diet or allergies, but because we are One and that includes every living being, every one here no matter what their form.

We are all connected and the only way to stop feeding the fear, anger and hate in the world is by finding ways to stop creating it. We are the creators and what has come up many times in conversations over the last few days is that we can choose to create something new here and now! A Utopia, thats what I see thats what drives me.
What we must do is look at where our money goes, who are we funding who are we allowing to create on our behalf? Every thing we do has an effect on this world….every thing and choose to get more intimate with life, it will show you things you never saw before…in this vast unfolding mystery.

Thank you Julie-lou Weston for being such a gifted Goddess! ❤️


I would like to introduce you to Dee Sunshine (yes that is his real name!) He is the man who introduced me to Tantra Massage and I highly recommend him to you. He is currently running retreats in Scotland and he will help you connect more deeply to your body , your sexuality and heal any issues you have. This is very deep work and not to be taken lightly. It has immense benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being and it can help open you up to a new relationship (if thats what you would like in your life) and improve the one you are in. You can connect with Dee through email at shooglemail@googlemail.com.