Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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Awake in the Dream


This morning I awoke with a deep pain in my chest and what felt like intense anxiety….. at the need to get up. I felt exhausted, just totally wiped out. These feelings are a reoccurring experience for me, but I realise this might not be pain and it may very well not be anxiety for those are just words…ideas in my mind. Some label my mind has come up with to help “me” make sense of or work something out. This is what the mind is always attempting to do, solve everything, fix everything and in attempting to solve things it creates more “problems” and more “labels”, as it can not figure out or resolve things that are beyond it. These “feelings” could simply be my souls realisation, recognition that I am in this body and on awaking, there is some shock to the system as this realisation once again settles in. We are so much more than this body.
Often these days I have a sense of movement, a vibration, a pulsation that moves through me. Like I am the heart beat of this entire universe, like whatever is being felt is the depths of this mystery in all it’s billion expressions of love.
As I sit with these experiences, as I allow these feelings and give them space, accept them, there is a noticing of their passing through, a noticing that no-thing is permanent. Everything being felt is like a rush of wind around a mountain, the mountain is solid, steady, powerful and immovable. The mountain knows the wind, it knows the sensations, but it is not defined by it. It is not moved by it, it remains steadfast in the knowledge that it’s a part of the experience, the wind is simply an expression of the divine.
It is only the labels we give things that create our pain or suffering, it is only our need for something to be “right” or “wrong” that creates our suffering. In truth it is all experience and we are all like the mountain, powerful, steadfast and unaffected by everything, indestructible.
Life is here for each one of us to know our own awakening, our power and our infinite, deathless, indestructible nature.
Everything we see, everything we witness, is coming from inside ourselves. It has to be this way because we are the perceiver of our experience. When you look into the eyes of another you see your Self. You see one soul, you see your inner divinity looking back at you through the eyes of the entire universe. The love you feel for another is the love you feel for your Self.
Never make another responsible for your happiness or your sadness, they can not be responsible. You are the master of your emotions, you are the one that can choose love, choose peace. In every moment there is a gift for us, in every moment there is treasure to be discovered. In every moment realisation is possible.
The eyes of love are every where, look around what do you see? What is calling to your soul? God is calling you to know your Self in every moment, God is showing you something more. In every moment there is a possibility to deepen into love, into this ocean of possibilities.
I love you ❤️
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

Photo by Wes Angelozzi

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The Eyes of the Heart


Part of what occurs through the process of awakening is a deepening of the connection between the heart and the mind and this creates a new perception, one that allows us to look at life through the eyes of the heart. Then we begin to see that all is Love and always has been. We begin to see this mystery as a billion different expressions of Love.
As the heart opens with our growing awareness the capacity to show love and be love grows exponentially, encompassing every one and every thing around us. Our experience becomes an exploration in the ocean of love, with infinite depths that reach out all those around us and especially those that are willing to show us their own truth and vulnerability.
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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A Daily Prayer


Your flames ignite me…
Burning everything that is no longer needed….
Take it all….take it all I ask of you….leave no-thing left of me…..
Show me the the Kingdom of God that reigns supreme within my being….
Let all your flames wash over me….wash through me…..
Let each one burn me a new so that I may see each moment with fresh eyes….so I may experience the beauty of your eternal presence…..
Take me…..take all of me…..
Burn through me with a fire so bright that all that remains is you……
Let me ignite all those around me with your infinite love…..
Bless them all with your light…..
Show them the kingdom that burns within…..
I am that, I am
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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I am filled with gratitude for this sacred space to reconnect and find new ways to serve.
I am excited about all the possibilities and I feel so much deep blessed gratitude in my heart, my whole being knows that there is a strength and a powerful, a surge of energy that is with me now in all ways to make all these preparations, to carry out all my duties, to serve this eternal moment.
I am submerged in a space of ideas and possibilities and I know ultimately every thing I AM is for YOU and is from a much bigger place than “me” it is ultimately Gods plan.
I surrender to the greatest force, the greatest intelligence and the greatest power, that this is the beginning, the end and the Middle of everything. This eternal NOW is perfect and full of magic.
I know I AM divinely guided in everything in all ways and always to bring forth the wonder, beauty, magic and LOVE that IS this universe and to share this with all those I meet, for I AM all those that I meet, each one is a reflection of me, is a mirror for me and every ONE is a divine BEING in their own unique magnificence, their own individuality, their own beauty their own perfection.
I AM creating a divine existence, my work here is to share and serve all those I meet, for I know each wave of LOVE, each seed of PEACE, each smile and every moment of Laughter and all that I AM is here now to bring the UNI-VERSE fourth into BEING.
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

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A force of Nature


She is a force of nature…
In her ecstasy she is a fire that burns through his heart….
She is a wild, untamed…..storm…..
Igniting all the boundaries he set up against love…..
She will burn them all away….until there is no-thing left to burn, but the flame in his heart….
As he takes her into his warm embrace she melts in surrender…..he feels the force of her nature…..she feels his masculine presence….
Her pulsating masculine heart merging into his soft yin heart…. strong and wilful….open and deep…
Not knowing….
Her hand gently holding his face, as she bring him closer, as he moves towards her….hypnotised by her soft gaze….drowning drowning….
He knows he will loose himself in this moment….
He slips away…as does she….
Breathing together now…..
Easily, effortlessly in deep surrender….
They become One…<3
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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THIS moment…..is perfect…..
Whatever this moment holds…… it will indeed take you to liberation, if you can be with whatever IS happening, instead of your minds interpretation of what is happening……..
It is happening…..NOW
Just Be here….it is perfect ❤
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

Painting of “me” by Barbara Hudson

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I am not what you think I am


You can not do anything about the way others think…..We can never know what someone thinks….unless we ask them….and even then it will be filled with their concepts, beliefs and ideas of who they think we are…..
When you let go of all your labels and ideas about someone and see them with fresh eyes you will notice there is only love….
There is only another you….
I am That, I am ❤
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤