Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Utopia Retreats and Festivals


Here are some of the things attendees have said about Utopia…

“Every Time I come to one of your events I feel filled up with energy and Love“ TB

“Thank you for your meditations and love you really make a difference to peoples lives” – JU.

Brilliant, Inspirational, Uplifting, Exciting, Informative, Thought provoking, I am now eager to make changes in my life, Amazing, Blissful, Joyful, Happy, Relaxed, Energised, Wonderful!

Join us for the next one!


The benefits you will experience both on the day and beyond are:

• Life Transformation. This is a process and it can take place in many different ways, but it generally involves you taking responsibilty for the way you live your life and living in a more concious way.

• Better relationships and improved health & well-being
• Peace of mind – a gradual reduction in the amount of mind chatter you experience.
• Knowing your purpose – really getting to grips with your skills, gifts, talents and abilities and using them to move you forward in your life.
• You will feel Empowered. You will leave with the tools you need to help you through the next stage of your development.
• Understanding your limitlessness. A chance to experience your limitless nature and know your infinite being, an opportunity to know your Self.


Everyone, including the speakers that have attended my Utopia retreat days have noticed many benefits, including some deep transformation in their lives. They have witnessed their lives open up and expand in new and exciting ways and whilst I know it is not me doing anything, it is the community space that we create together that is facilitating and supporting these changes for people.


The Utopia day retreat starts with tea in a beautiful welcoming cosy space, where Amelia will hold sacred space for you to connect to your true nature, through deep meditation. From this point we will go on a journey of inquiry, inspiration, encouragement, discovery and discussion.


A nourishing, healthy lunch will also be provided, as we all bring nourishing food to share. This is a beautiful and important part of our community gatherings.


Utopia is a Soul to Soul networking events for the Body, Mind and Spirit.These events have something for everyone. It’s a place to grow, get inspired and be encouraged.


Utopia has been running for nearly 5 years now and with over 60 events under our belt we are growing in a beautiful and organic way. I am always looking for new speakers, so if you feel you would like to get involved please get in touch.


Our speakers offer many paths to a joyful celebration of our inner potential. We are based in the UK, however we are global, attracting speakers from all over the world.


We have a wonderful growing community of like minded and heart centred people. We meet every two months to spend the day relaxing, meditating, dancing and harmonising in peace, love and tranquilly.


We often share the experience of sound healing , Kirtan and Music in this incredible sacred space.


Utopia is a transformational space where you feel nourished and loved. It is  a truly magical experience of togetherness. For more information see the full website with details of upcoming Events, Satsangs and Retreats at: www.awakeninglove.co.uk.


Divine Hoola Hooping with the wonderful Stacey Huges (above).


Laughter Yoga with the inspirational Wes Floyd.


Sound Healing from The Sound Healing Spa with Tessa Greer.


We have Independent Film screenings, our most recent being The Road to Peace with The Dalai Lama by Leon Stuparich http://www.theroadtopeacefilm.com.


Our amazing events photographer Julie-Lou Weston (above)


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