Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Super Human


Awakening Love by

Amelia Amy Ann Campbell

Its time to open your eyes, to listen with your heart and to be here in this precious moment.

It has taken me nearly 40 years, all of my life so far, to realise that everything that needs to be said is hidden between the notes in music and the silence between words. We are all given a voice and that voice is as individual as your are, but the magic lies within the silence.

Silence is the universal language that we all know, that we all understand. It permeates every cell in our bodies and reaches our very soul, it is Love.

Love crosses all boundaries, all ideas and all conditioning. It is the one truth that unites us.

Most people spend their lives focusing on finding Love and they search everywhere to find it and when their search is exhausted they realise that it was here all along.

Love is not something that can be found outside of us, its not something that is separate from us and its not something that someone else can be responsible for.

Each one of us is a being of Love and we are responsible for discovering that within us, right here is where Love resides.

All the problems in the world can be solved by Love, but more specifically Loving ones self. When we truly Love ourselves as we are, perfect, unique and like no other, when we truly accept ourselves for who we are then we emanate Love. We become that which we have been seeking. In discovering this truth that we are Love and can never be separate from it, we discover that no object, no other person or anything else is responsible for our happiness.

Each one of us is 100% responsible for our own happiness and each one of us is responsible for bringing Love into this world.

The way we bring Love into the world is to be Love, to serve others by being Love in action, as we serve we grow this most precious gift into something universally understood. Our actions become so much more powerful, because we are coming from a place of Love and service.

Love is a mystery it can not be restricted, it can not be controlled and where it is, it will always remain. Love is freedom, it is boundless like the heavens, you can not see it, touch it or smell it, but it is present in everything, in everyone. How do we know this?

When a flower bud forms on an Orchid stem we feel joy, we feel excitement, we can see that the plant is alive, it is happy and it is sharing its most beautiful gift with us. It offers this gift unconditionally, it does not say I will not flower for you, it just flowers and gifts the world with its magnificence. This is Love. The undeniable beauty and sacredness contained within each bud is what is contained within each of us.

We have only to give our Love unconditionally, to be ourselves, to embrace our uniqueness for this beauty and light to radiate from each one of us.

This is so simple and yet so complicated for so many. In truth the more we Love ourselves the more capability we have for loving others, for loving our planet and loving all the beings that are here with us.

When we truly love who we are we become secure within our own being, without any need to search for that security outside of ourselves, either within something or within someone else. Our actions are then determined by Love instead of controlled by fear. Loving ourselves is the most freedom we can give to ourselves and the highest form of service to the universe, to this world. There are no limits to what we can achieve here now when we embrace our own magnificence.

To serve others is to serve ourselves, to serve humanity. We are all one, this is not an idea this is the truth, in knowing this we can be far more aware of our actions, our motivation and our purpose. We can choose to live our lives in great service to others.

We are all unique there is no one greater than the other and none lesser than the other, we are incomparable, as we are all completely individual. There will never be another YOU, contemplate that for a moment.

To truly understand this we must look at our gifts and talents, those aspects of ourselves that defines us as a wonderful spark of creativity, as an individual that is a part of a much greater whole. We are here to give our gifts to the world, to totally embrace who we are and to be ourselves to our fullest potential. We are here to shine our light into everything we say, be and do.

YOU are a miracle, there are no mistakes! The very fact that you are here, breathing, being and living tells you you have a purpose! Now knowing this, is there anything you would choose to be differently?

Each one of us is created from the stars, each one of us contains the universe within us. When we start to really know this with every level of our being we start to grasp how magical this life is. In each moment we have a choice to choose the magic and respond from a place of  love or to react from a place of fear and mistrust. The universe is working for you, with you as you to help you create the most beautiful experience. The greatest gift you can bestow on life is your trust in it. The whole universe conspired to bring you here, now to this place, this moment. That is one gigantic conspiracy theory! How did you come into being? You came into this world through an act of love.

Your life in its myriad of experiences is creating itself through you. You are life itself, you are a creator, everything and everyone that comes into your life does so with a unique purpose, to show you and to ultimately point you in the direction of Love. There are no coincidences only divine synchronicities. Each and every step you take has a purpose, no-thing you do is ever wasted and everything you do is complete in itself. Your life is never left undone, so you can be certain that while you are here you have a role to play and a purpose to live and no matter how small your life may seem, your purpose for being here is for the whole of humanity. Wow what an opportunity!

We think our intelligence comes from our mind but we are mistaken the most universally intelligent part of you is your heart. Learning to listen to your heart is a transformational exercise. It will change your life. Society teaches us the opposite , it teaches us to think with our minds and not to follow our hearts, however we are creating our society and these changes start with each one of us. Your heart tells you everything you need to know about your self, your world and those around you. The energy field of the heart is so vast it can connect with other hearts over 10 feet away and the most open hearts can connect with the planet and beyond the universe. When we look at the possibilities this represents we can see some of the ways in which we are connected. We can start to truly understand our connection to all that is on a much deeper level. Whenever you are in the presence of others you are connecting to them with your heart. You are sending out and vibrating messages to everyone around you in every moment. What message would you like to send out? What would you like to vibrate into the cosmos?


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