Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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I am filled with gratitude for this sacred space to reconnect and find new ways to serve.
I am excited about all the possibilities and I feel so much deep blessed gratitude in my heart, my whole being knows that there is a strength and a powerful, a surge of energy that is with me now in all ways to make all these preparations, to carry out all my duties, to serve this eternal moment.
I am submerged in a space of ideas and possibilities and I know ultimately every thing I AM is for YOU and is from a much bigger place than “me” it is ultimately Gods plan.
I surrender to the greatest force, the greatest intelligence and the greatest power, that this is the beginning, the end and the Middle of everything. This eternal NOW is perfect and full of magic.
I know I AM divinely guided in everything in all ways and always to bring forth the wonder, beauty, magic and LOVE that IS this universe and to share this with all those I meet, for I AM all those that I meet, each one is a reflection of me, is a mirror for me and every ONE is a divine BEING in their own unique magnificence, their own individuality, their own beauty their own perfection.
I AM creating a divine existence, my work here is to share and serve all those I meet, for I know each wave of LOVE, each seed of PEACE, each smile and every moment of Laughter and all that I AM is here now to bring the UNI-VERSE fourth into BEING.
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤️

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A force of Nature


She is a force of nature…
In her ecstasy she is a fire that burns through his heart….
She is a wild, untamed…..storm…..
Igniting all the boundaries he set up against love…..
She will burn them all away….until there is no-thing left to burn, but the flame in his heart….
As he takes her into his warm embrace she melts in surrender…..he feels the force of her nature…..she feels his masculine presence….
Her pulsating masculine heart merging into his soft yin heart…. strong and wilful….open and deep…
Not knowing….
Her hand gently holding his face, as she bring him closer, as he moves towards her….hypnotised by her soft gaze….drowning drowning….
He knows he will loose himself in this moment….
He slips away…as does she….
Breathing together now…..
Easily, effortlessly in deep surrender….
They become One…<3
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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THIS moment…..is perfect…..
Whatever this moment holds…… it will indeed take you to liberation, if you can be with whatever IS happening, instead of your minds interpretation of what is happening……..
It is happening…..NOW
Just Be here….it is perfect ❤
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

Painting of “me” by Barbara Hudson

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I am not what you think I am


You can not do anything about the way others think…..We can never know what someone thinks….unless we ask them….and even then it will be filled with their concepts, beliefs and ideas of who they think we are…..
When you let go of all your labels and ideas about someone and see them with fresh eyes you will notice there is only love….
There is only another you….
I am That, I am ❤
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤

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Spiritual Warriors


Within each of us lives our Warrior Spirit. We are connected with all those that lived here before us and all those that will live here after us. We represent ancient traditions of the past and future and as we move forward in this life we can choose to connect with this ancient aspect of our own BEING. When we live in Truth, Authenticity and Integrity we move with the ancient energies of the cosmos, of the universe and we connect with everyone and everything from a place of knowing, we connect deeply with our own intuition and the rhythm of Life. We live in understanding and we live in LOVE. We are Warriors of Peace, Love and Healing here on Earth. It is time to get to Know Your SELF and BE IN YOUR POWER…Love and Blessings, Amelia​ ❤️❤️❤️

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Life is the true Teacher


Is it the REBEL that discovers the TRUTH the one who is willing to BE BRAVE against all odds and follow his own path…..It takes courage to step out of the crowd and BE YOU, it takes courage to leave the life you know and choose the one you dont…It takes courage to let go and surrender to LIFE and ALL THAT IS….without expectation, without certainty…..IT TAKES COURAGE TO TRUST and LET GO OF FEARS……and once YOU do there is no turning back to the life you once knew…..and there is the discovery that LIFE ITS SELF IS THE TRUE TEACHER…..and THAT YOU ARE LIFE IN ALL ITS ABUNDANCE, POTENTIAL and LIMITLESSNESS…Love and Many Blessings, Amelia (DP) ❤

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The Caterpillar


The caterpillar is a beautiful, miraculous litttle creature, it lives its life simply. It sees only what is right in front of it at any given moment. It can not even comprehend the transformation it is capable of making, as it does not know its own potential, it only knows what it can see, hear and feel. You are like the caterpillar, you too can move in the world living a simple life, but you also have great potential to be the butterfly. Your life can transform at any given moment, it is simply a question of perception…what do you see? What do you choose to see? The caterpillar lives in the NOW moment, it does not know any other concepts.
In each and every moment the power of its potential IS PRESENT. It just simply IS BEING….and when it chooses to retreat into its own BEING away from everything and everyone, a great inner shift happens…as it starts this process…its full potential to BE is BEING realised and it leaves this transformational process as an entirley different creature with wings to fly and a whole new perspective on the world…IT BEGINS TO BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, Love and Many Blessings, Amelia (DP) ❤

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A Message for 2016


A message for 2016

We are once again heading for even greater change and challenges as we enter into a time where great Love and Compassion for all sentient beings is needed. We have witnessed decades of demonstrations against war and for peace. It is only now with this edpdemic process of awakening that many beings here, like your Self are truly understanding that it is the fighting within our own being and the violence towards ourself that is manifesting in the world as war.
We have also come to understand that peace starts within each one of us, through the process of self acceptance and self love. This realisation has started a revolution for mankind and we are now witnessing an immense evolution taking place in the hearts and minds of many who dwell on this sacred earth.
As we approach the end of 2015 and find ourselves moving towards 2016 we begin to notice this expanding and deepening connection that is happening between all beings. We are being called together, to work as a unified field, not only will this connection deepen on this earthly plain, but it is also shifting in all other realms of existence too, simultaneously.
We no longer understand the need for competition, as we also begin to loose our desire for consumerism and conformity. This December will see the greatest number of people who are unwilling to advocate and participate in the the commercialism of the holiday season. I am one of those people. Our eyes have been opened to the injustice that is happening in the world and we begin to take an active role to create the tipping point for transformation.
Many of us in 2016 will start to find new simpler ways to live, relying less on old outdated ideas of what life is supposed to be like according to the society that has been created. We will instead begin to build an enlightened society, one where each person is valued, where every one knows their power and honours this existence with their service. It will start in the hamlets, in the small towns, it will progress to the cities until each place has its own growing community of wisdom keepers and these are the people who begin to create the foundations for this new enlightened society. We will use social media as a way to spend consciousness, love and compassion.
Over time our values have been tested and we have made a collective decision to move towards collaboration, self sufficiency and ecology. In these challenging times we are learning now more than ever before to question everything, especially the need for authority. We will start to see a major break down in 2016 of the political system, where many people will have their motives questioned.
We are embracing the nesscesity to live in our truth, we are honouring our vulnerability, as we understand the importance of showing others the capacity for love. Each one of us is awakening to our true nature and there are many of us who are taking our vows of Bodhisattva hood, often unknowingly. This means taking a vow to serve humanity, which involves working on a very deep level within our own being, so that we can begin to release the world from all that we have experienced and collectively created, especially those things that have caused us sadness, suffering and harm, those things that have lead us to believe we are unloved or unworthy.
We now know that by being present, being in the Now, we are serving all of humanity, we understand that choosing this moment and remaining aware of it means living from a place of joy, peace and loving kindness. We are choosing to become masters of our minds and to embody our multidimensional Self here. In 2016 many of us will see an expansion in our capacity for telepathy and synchronicity, as we realign with our crystalline bodies and become pure channels of light, energy and frequency. Many of us will notice our ability to hold whatever is going on in the collective conscious mind and we will learn to transmute this with love.
We will begin to use all our other senses much more frequently, these stretch far beyond the 5 senses we know and understand and encompass a whole new dimension of being, communicating and relating to every one.
There is at this present time some great spiritual leaders here and there is also a growing group of individuals who are realising their power and their responsibility. These individuals are forming a network of light across the planet and joining forces with the already well established leaders. If you are reading this is is highly likely you are one of them. Many of us have chosen to reincarnate here at this time to see this evolution through to its conclusion and witness a great transformation of the human race.
2016 is about remaining in your power, no matter what is going on around you. Its important to stay focused on your purpose, to stay centred in love and especially to be kind. It is a year where many of us will step into our roles of service in a clear, direct and active way. It is a time when those of us that have chosen to, will be required to hold more light and much higher energy frequencies. It is a time to make every moment count to choose to do the best that you can do for your community, friends, family and for anyone you may meet on the street. You being you makes a difference, you loving you brings the capacity for love on this planet to extraordinary depths.
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤

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Wild Women


There are conscious worthy men, I believe so. It’s not that they aren’t worthy, it’s that some do not know how to love, how to really love a woman, because they do not know how to love themselves. Wild women are ready for the challenge, they are ready to risk it all to show this man the magnitude of unconditional love.
Faced with a challenge a lot of men run for the hills, it’s too much to have to investigate the darkness and the light. It’s not all roses, it takes a brave wild man to want to plummet those depths and risk losing himself so that he can truly know him Self. In loving a wild woman, a free woman he has to the opportunity to know God, through the depths of love he comes home.
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

Photo by Poyan Shifter​ – beapartoftheshift

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Nothing ever goes Wrong


What if nothing ever went “wrong” in your life……what if everything was always going “right” but the focus was always on the imperfection…..?
Life is pure perfection and all it contains is for your growth……
Nothing is ever wasted….nothing is ever lost…..nothing is ever wrong……
When it rains it nourishes the earth……the plants, the flowers, the trees, animals, rivers and the oceans….
Rain is perfection it is beautiful…it is transformational……
All is beauty, All is wisdom, All is LOVE…….BEING expressed through GOD CONSCIOUSNESS….Through LIFE……<3
My heart reaches out to all yours, with LOVE, PEACE and UNITY ❤
Amelia (DP) ❤