Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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The Goddess


The Goddess can only give herself fully to an awakened man, one who knows her, who sees her….He is capable of opening up parts of her that no other man can reach….that no other man can see….
He cherishes every touch, every kiss, every movement of her body…as she does his….
He watches her with delight in his eyes….he is in no rush….he wants to savour this moment….this beautiful moment….
She is alert to his every need and desire, she can touch him in ways he had only dreamed of….The awakened man wants to fulfil her every desire…he is in tune with his own nature…and hers…
He knows she is a force, a fire, a storm, burning with passion capable of opening the heart of any man that steps into her lair…
But he is the only one worthy of her….and she of him ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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I Am


I walk my own path… I am not concerned with yours….or your ideas, beliefs, conditioning.
My only concern is that I Love fully, I Give fully and I Live my purpose fully and I express the deepest parts of me, as they are also the deepest parts of you ❤️
I don’t expect you to approve of “me”, like “me” or even agree with “me” or understand “me” and no I don’t want to explain either.
I am not interested in who is more spiritual, who “knows” more, I am not interested in duality, non duality…I can only speak and live from my own experience, as this is where my universe starts….
I am not interested in hiding in a cave and not sharing my experiences or speaking about “spiritually” as many would believe is the done thing…not to speak up about any experiences…isn’t this more conditioning?
What are we hiding from?
There is an old paradigm and I am not interested in perpetuating that!
I know who I AM, I know what I AM and the way I understand it thats the most important thing in life….every thing else is just a play, a dance, a play of form the formless becoming form though thoughts, actions and Love, our ability to create…
BUT while I am in this body I will respect what it gives me, the possibilities it shows me, the sensations I feel, the emotions I feel, I will respect that the whole universe is here now within me and that yes I can in this body make choices….I can choose to move towards LOVE or I can choose to move towards FEAR…and so can you!
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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A Deeper Love


Lying here, now feeling very cosy in my den, a deep palpable silence all around and inside me. It pulsates with each breath and beat of my heart. A stillness, a noticing of every part of this body. A healing of old wounds, a letting go of stored memories and an opening to a deepening experience of what is here, in this moment. A gentle rise and fall of my chest with each breath, no where to go and no-thing to do. Just being here, watching, listening, alert and awake.
An open heart reaching out of my chest and into the universe, a thousand petals unfolding, an open mind filled with the light of now, filled with love and gratitude for this. A new adventure, a deeper love is moving through every cell in my body.
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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Who is this poor Me ?


Who is this poor “me”? The one that wants, the one that does…The one that no-thing ever really happens too?
It is all an illusion…there has never been and never shall there be a poor “me”, there will never be a clever me, a rich me, a sad me, a happy me….this “me” I see is just a covering, this “me” I see is a body a chariot for my soul….like a Russian doll, layers upon layers of beliefs, ideas, ideals and conditionings weigh heavy covering the truth….
Who am I that sits beneath the layers? Who am I that knows no story, no ideas, no conditioning, no this, no that, no words that distract…..?
It is the “ego” that runs this show…this song and dance this drama and romance…
When the story drops the ego steps aside….out of the light of Being and reborn a new is a new you one that isn’t attached to the story…..the One I see the One that sees me….comes into view…
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

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Unedited Me


When resistance shows up…it is here to deepen you into the experience of life…to help you let something else go…to get a little freer….to feel your wings!
Move into resistance it is a gift…bringing you back to Love, back to Trust ❤️ and back to your Self. The ego is only interested in keeping up the false, the story of “me”. Where there is resistance there is the biggest opportunity for growth….
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

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Freedom Calls Me


Freedom calls me from deep within enticing me into a life of precious surrender and adventure….
But I am women who is chained to the sink, led to believe that a Prince Charming can rescue me….save me from this life of chained misery…..
Love beckons from hidden depths in my own heart..follow me….follow me….sweetly whispered in my ears…..
But I am mother who can not leave her family…led to believe that is her only destiny….
God is knocking on my door….will you let me in? What is more important than I?
But I am wife I must do my duty, put all others first that’s what is expected of me…..
Silence is here…it permeates my entire being….there is no body knocking, no whispering, no calling …..I Am….no more……I AM home, I am not this body, nor this mind, I am not these emotions, nor these words, I am no women, no mother, no wife…. I am no words only this…..
Here now eternally…..unchained by this great mystery…..
Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤
Photo by the gifted Julie-lou Weston ❤

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God Moves Me


Listening to the soothing sounds of this beautiful music, now I can’t remember what I was going to do…..maybe I’ll just sit and listen until inspiration runs through me and God moves me somewhere else…..this is surrender……
Such is the beauty of this divine creation, we are always exactly where we are supposed to be at any given moment!
This moment… is all we have…..make it beautiful, make it magical, savour it and don’t let the magic pass you by unnoticed, there are miracles everywhere and you are ONE of them….look around….
Such a divine mystery….we can never know the outcome of any thing ever! Don’t be fooled…..
Wishing things to be different is only creating suffering….being with what is is the release of all suffering…just being present here now with this moment in all its totality and all yours….you are not separate from it you are it…..it is you!
The mind is always searching for reasons to not to be here…when in fact here is the only place you can ever be and this is the illusion….the mind creates a story something to follow….something to distract from this infinite perfection…
When we follow the story….our energy flows in that direction…this is the meaning of being a creator….in this moment we are the UNI-Verse, we are God, we are infinitely creative….and where your attention goes so shall you create….
Being mindful is not to be mind FULL… it is to be totally empty, to be the emptiness, the silence, the space for all creation to run through you….to be this great powerful presence that creates universes, that creates worlds….you are that.
The aim of meditation is….not to stop the thoughts….thoughts come and go….it is to bring awareness to the space between thoughts, the silence the ever growing presence and expansion of your being….this is important and maybe the less attention you give the thoughts the less they will appear….
Meditation can be anything…..it can be making a cup of tea…it is whatever you find yourself doing effortlessly……mediation is not truly a practice it is a state of being….being in presence….being in surrender to the greater power that runs through all things and allowing that to simply be…..effortlessness effortlessly…
Have you ever stopped to think that you are mostly space…empty space and yet there is this intelligence….the intelligence that you are….. is running Life as you through you….has there ever been a time when you were not looked after?
Why do you think this moment is any different….since you entered this world all your needs have been met and you have been in a constant state of creation….often unconsciously……NOW it is time to take your power back….there is no body to blame you are responsible….for the way you feel, the way you respond to life…and what you project into it….
Look around you…..you are a divine manifestation of all that you see….whats showing up for you right now?
Life is so LOVING it gives you exactly what you need to blossom and grow….it gives you exactly what you need to realise you are so much more….it gives you meditation so that you can know you are infinite….It gives you relationships to show you the beauty you hold within and the things you need to love and heal….as a divine reflection of what has already been realised…..
You are the great void….the great infinite….the great mystery….in form….
do not forget this…..you have the power to heal the world, first however you must heal your self…and then you will see your world heal….
It is all a matter of perception….on awakening the perception can never be the same….your eyes have been opened the veils begin to lift and the great mystery begins to reveal itself in an ever unfolding….infinitely expanding expression of life…through its many dimensions…..through its many divine frequencies….
You are all that you see and infinitely more than this…..You are this divine ecstasy of life in all its great many expressions….. so beautiful!
Remember who you are ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

Photo by the amazing Julie-lou Weston​ ❤️

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We all need Love…. it’s our Nature to Nurture each other. We are Love.
We have so much to give, give it freely, without expectations.
The more we give the more we have, the more we have the more we give….its infinite.
There is no need to fight our nature.
Give from the heart, your intention is pure and so powerful ❤️❤️❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

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Lifetimes have brought me here…to you and life has conspired through out all of eternity….
Such is the destiny of great souls….to meet in this form….to incarnate….in this world….
Two halves of One whole….the Yin to the Yang….
When the destiny of two is greater than the individuals…..the two shall meet and transform themselves and in doing so they change the world….forever…..
Awakened they move through life…..opening the hearts and minds of those they meet as they journey together……knowing they are not of this world….but they exist within it……
They are the dance of life itself….the divine masculine and the divine feminine…..
Each honouring the other….giving the other strength to embody grace to the fullest, to embody love to the fullest, each becoming in every moment…..more than they ever thought possible….
As they nurture each other to their full potential…..
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️