Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Who is this poor Me ?

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Who is this poor “me”? The one that wants, the one that does…The one that no-thing ever really happens too?
It is all an illusion…there has never been and never shall there be a poor “me”, there will never be a clever me, a rich me, a sad me, a happy me….this “me” I see is just a covering, this “me” I see is a body a chariot for my soul….like a Russian doll, layers upon layers of beliefs, ideas, ideals and conditionings weigh heavy covering the truth….
Who am I that sits beneath the layers? Who am I that knows no story, no ideas, no conditioning, no this, no that, no words that distract…..?
It is the “ego” that runs this show…this song and dance this drama and romance…
When the story drops the ego steps aside….out of the light of Being and reborn a new is a new you one that isn’t attached to the story…..the One I see the One that sees me….comes into view…
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️


Author: Dhyan

Dhyan is a Self – Realised Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher. Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the Awakening, Empowerment and Encouragement of others. Dhyan is a bodhisattva; she is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change. Dhyan discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuran in Oregon, America with an awakened master known as Osho.

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