Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

Love as One

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The intensity of feelings that rushed through my body, my heart and mind became so overwhelming I thought I was going to explode or just simply disappear…. The depth I have of love for these people is beyond measure, its unconditional. In each one of them I saw something ripe, something beautiful, a flowering…a bud ready to burst and I chose to drawn them near. You see I can’t help but see the magnificence in people, at first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing when it started to happen many years ago in my sessions, but as I watched each one of them grow and blossom, I knew I was seeing their limitless potential, their grace, their beauty and their dedication to service. It doesn’t matter how we met, we were all destined to reconnect in this life, fellow travellers on the path to God, all walking each other home. Home is of course where the heart is, it is also where freedom and presence meet in Love as One. As each person came up, firstly my soul family members, then more friends old and new, some whom I had known for many years, life timelines, others more recent, but that is of no consequence. Everyone that shows up in your life does so for a reason. We are all teachers and students equally for each other. We are all Masters. The words that poured from their hearts ran straight into mine…filling me up with bliss, beauty, peace and eternal love. I see greatness in each of them as they do in me. We are all mirrors for each other. It was challenging to sit there, having all these amazing people speak lovingly and gracefully in a heart opening delicious way and allowing every word, every gesture in, without judgment, without analysis. Just being in a state of receiving and gratitude. How many people experience this in their lifetime? Often we have left the body before people realize how much we meant to them, how much they love us… having never uttered the words to us, always waiting for that one perfect moment. Often it is only after leaving this physical reality that we acknowledge the gratitude we have for them. If you love someone tell them, no matter what, whatever you want to say tell them, there is never a better time, a better moment. If you want to hug them do it! What are you waiting for? When is the better moment coming? It is NOW!! This moment, live it, love it, embrace it with every fibre of your being….there will never be another…there is only this eternal transformational NOW moment happening here!
Don’t be fooled by the greatest illusion we never know what is happening….it is the greatest magical mystery tour this life! Enjoy the journey don’t get hooked up in the outcome…there is only this and we can never know the outcome of anything. Just move each moment in the direction you want to move, with intention, towards love, towards service and leave the details to God. Some will not see you, this is because they do not see themselves, they do not see their own greatness, bless them and love them.
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤


Author: Dhyan

Dhyan is a Self – Realised Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher. Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the Awakening, Empowerment and Encouragement of others. Dhyan is a bodhisattva; she is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change. Dhyan discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuran in Oregon, America with an awakened master known as Osho.

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