Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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On a bed of Roses


Take me into this mystery…
On a bed of roses we shall walk…
Ready for this great adventure…
My heart beats for every breath of you…
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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I Bow In Your Presence


God I bow humbly in your Presence..
Gratitude flows from every cell in my being…
You have made me everything I AM…
You have taught me….all I need to know…
You continue to unravel all the layers within me….peeling away all that is no longer needed….
You are The Way, The Light and Home to me…
You are THIS….Divine Mystery…
My life is in service to you, to all that is…to every living being…
In loving my Self I discovered you….
In knowing my Self I know you…
In being my Self I know you as
I AM that I AM…
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

Photo by Julie-lou Weston​ ❤️

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The Dreamer Awakens


The UNI-VERSE is moving through you as you in every moment…..
You are infinitely creative…..
You possess a magic beyond your wildest imagining……
Every word you speak, every intent you make, every seed you sow has the miraculous power to change the world……
You are GOD in form……
Your reality is your life’s DREAM, what a beautiful illusion, what a beautiful play, what a sumptuous DANCE……
Dream the brightest dream, fill it with Light, Love and Magic……
Once you taste the TRUTH no-thing can take you back…..
A new BEING is BORN and the DREAMER AWAKENS to find himself/herself Home again……
In the arms of the STARS, in the depths of the OCEAN, in every SUNRISE, in every TREE, in every ONE, every where and no where all at once ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

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The Ultimate Paradox


What so ever is happening is divine….no matter what it looks like….no-thing is by chance….
its all a divine comedy….
a great mystery and the ultimate paradox…..
When I speak with compassion…I Am always listened too….sometimes I might choose to just rest in Silence….and not utter one word….❤
The universe shows us everything that needs healing….every sacred eternal this moment is an opportunity to look deeper into the Self and discover truth ❤
Love Love Amelia (DP)❤

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The word enlightenment is associated with a guru living in a cave in the mountains of India… for a lot of people, something “unobtainable”.
However we are all enlightened beings, it is a possibility for every ONE of us, not just something that happens to someone else. It is happening now! It is our nature, our truth, wildness and it is our home coming.
“Enlightenment” is simply a shift in perception, to see that which is real beyond all concepts and beliefs, to see and experience life exactly as it is.
What so ever you are creating is RAW it comes from spirit. When your mission is of service to the world, to people, this in itself is enlightened behaviour, it is the true way, the selfless path. Ram Dass says “We are all just walking each other home.”
That is it, simply that no-thing more and no-thing less. Following our gifts is why we are here, what is your passion, your drive, your enthusiasm? It is your reason for BEING. Each one of us is unique and yet a part of the whole, life expressing itself as life, we are all here to express our beauty, our gifts and share them with the world and this helps others to do the same ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

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No-Body is taking You Anywhere


You can not go too soon….
No-body is taking you anywhere….
You are always here now…
Maybe not in this body….
You are always here…
Maybe not in this form….
You will leave your body when every piece of the puzzle is finished for this dream of life….
Maybe you will start a new dream of life…in a new body….
Maybe you won’t….
It’s all divine, you are eternal the essence of you is entwined in eternity….like the stars in the universe…like the clouds in the sky…..like the ripples on the ocean….for ever reaching new distant shores…..always now always here ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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One Love


You dont need to shout from a rooftop to be heard……
The essence of who you are can be felt in the gentlest of breezes…..
It can be felt in the silence of the breath…….
It can be known in the heart……
It can be seen through your eyes…….
There is no need to shout…….
Everything you already need is right here within you……
and Your Essence can be felt by those in your Presence…….
There is NO-THING to strive for…..
There is ONLY LOVE ❤️
Love Love
Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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Make it Love


Make it LOVE ❤️
Love is for sharing….
In the Dance of giving and receiving….
Remain open, remain vulnerable….
Be ready to share the deepest parts…all desires….
Hold no-thing back….
Discover the deliciousness, the juiciness…
and what you discover in the other is also within your Self….
That’s the treasure ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️

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This Infinite Delicious Moment


Bound together by this infinite delicious moment….dipped in time….❤️
Arms wrapped tightly around each other…..
Me in your arms…you in mine…
Chest to Chest….
Heart to Heart…..
Hand in Hand…..
Soul to Soul…..
No-thing else matters, no-thing else is here…only this, only you….as me, only me….as you….each reflecting the other, each melting into the other
As ONE, unfolding into
this deepening of LOVE ❤️
Love Love Amelia​ (DP)❤️