Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

A Billion expressions of Love

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This body is a covering of the True Self. The One that flows with all of creation. You are Love being expressed in billions of ways through every moment.
That’s why it’s intense, this body is so small, all that moves through it is vast, like the oceans and limitless galaxies. You are the stars, the earth, the oceans, the flowers, the beauty, the shadow and the open limitless eternal space that allows this to be, here Now.
Each feeling, emotion is an expression of Love, when we allow it, without the labels, without the mask, a billion doors open to our true nature. It’s an opportunity to call us back to Self, back to the eternal expression of life that we are, back to our Center.
It is only the mind that wants to judge it all, make it into something, watch it and see what happens.
Love Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️

Photo by Julie-lou Weston​ ❤️


Author: Dhyan

Dhyan is a Self – Realised Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher. Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the Awakening, Empowerment and Encouragement of others. Dhyan is a bodhisattva; she is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change. Dhyan discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuran in Oregon, America with an awakened master known as Osho.

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