Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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You are awakening, just as the trees bud in the spring and the flower blooms. You are coming into the spring of your own being. Nature is in a constant state of unfoldment and expansion and so are you. This process is extraordinary, miraculous and natural. It’s one of deepening into conscious Love. You are Nature, everything about the realisation of your Self is truly beautiful.

Love Love Amelia (DP) ❤️

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We are all Lemons on the tree of life…ready to fall and be held by Grace…..Some of us choose to jump, some of us remain patient, some of us plummet the depths of despair….but all of us ripen in the perfect moment…..It is our path, our birth rite to ripen, to share our very essence, our juice, our richness with the earth…..Our very existence our purpose is to ripen here, Now in this moment……eternally.It is not dependant on our shape, our skin, our concepts, beliefs or the idea of time or our juiciness. It is dependant on our intention……our longing for freedom….for love…..for truth…What is your intention for this life? It is your decision, you can choose in any moment to wake up! You can choose to fill this experience with your perfume, your flame and your light.You are perfect just as you are and you are here because you have great gifts to share! It is not ordinary to be in this life, it is extraordinary! You are extraordinary and you being you, embracing you and loving you, sharing you in all your beauty and richness is your purpose!

Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️