Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."


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It is not about getting rid of the ego, it is a part of us. It is not about pushing parts of ourselves away, judging and making ourself “wrong” in any way.
This life is about embracing all of who we are, every single thing no matter what we might “think” about it. It’s about gratitude for what we have, here now in every moment. Gratitude for the sadness, gratitude for the joy, gratitude for the sorrow, gratitude for the healing, gratitude for the lessons…for every single experience.
When you fight with yourself that is what war is. Relax and Love all that you are, you are a divine being.
To embrace ourselves is to embrace God.There is no-thing and no-where that God can not be.
God is you, you are God…
God is Love, You are Love…
Embrace all of you, all your emotions, all your uniqueness, all your beauty, all your weaknesses, all your strengths, all your grace…
It is all just a thought…after all the thoughts the truth always remains.
God is present before and after all thoughts always and in all ways ❤️
Love Amelia​ (DP) ❤️


Author: Dhyan

Dhyan is a Self – Realised Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher. Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the Awakening, Empowerment and Encouragement of others. Dhyan is a bodhisattva; she is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change. Dhyan discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuran in Oregon, America with an awakened master known as Osho.

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