Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."


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God finds ways to speak to us, to show us truth, to point us back to that which is most important, which is fundamental to our growth and humanity.
When I speak of God I do not mean a man who sits on a cloud and looks down at us…that’s just a concept an idea and also a conditioning.
I speak of God as the ONE, the ONE infinite source of all life, that permeates every being that shows up in the wind, the moon, the Sun, the stars and the oceans. God is the intelligent force behind all that IS here now in every moment.
God is you, you are God there is no-thing that can not be. We are all in the mind of God and God is in us. We are that.
Do not seek to find answers outside of what is already present. You are that which you seek and all answers, all life leads to God, there is no way it can not.
Your natural state is infinite Being it is Presence. Presence is knowing God in every moment, knowing truth and witnessing the magic that is already here now, so many will miss this magic, but that is ok too!
In presence you can not miss anything it is all there to see, it is all divine, it truly is a state of heaven.
Our emotions are like ripples on the ocean, we are the ocean and the ripples run through us, we witness them but we are not them, we are the ocean that holds them.
Fear not your emotions, embrace them they are a part of you, they are a part of your infinite being.
They are pointers to THE OCEAN that lies within, they are pointers to the truth of who you are.
No matter how deep they may be, no matter how all consuming they may feel they are simply a wave on the surface and a way for you to discover the deepest parts of your being.
Rest here now and let your Self see the magic of your magnificence.
Share, comment and IN-JOY.
Love Aways Amelia​ (DP) ❤️


Author: Dhyan

Dhyan is a Self – Realised Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher. Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the Awakening, Empowerment and Encouragement of others. Dhyan is a bodhisattva; she is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change. Dhyan discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuran in Oregon, America with an awakened master known as Osho.

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