Dhyan Prasada

" Find the Silent Space within and rest here for eternity."

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The Journey


Whether we understand it or not we are all on a journey, this life is our journey, and each moment of it is unfolding Here, Now.
We are all here to be ourselves to the greatest magnitude of our Being.
Each one of us is a spark of God, with the possibility to set the world on fire with our Love, Creativity and Presence.
By being the deepest authentic expression of our SELF we are becoming Love in action.
Some of us may be stuck in jobs we don’t like, living a life that doesn’t fulfil us, because we think that is how it’s supposed to be. That is the old paradigm and what has been drummed into our subconscious by society’s constraints and conditioning.
The rebel you will recognise the way for what it IS, not what you have been told it is.
Your heart will hear it’s own calling, there will be a deep silence for you to dive into, to explore.
Now is the moment to let go of all the junk, the labels, the expectations, the pressures, it’s time to clear it right out of your system and to see and truly know that what you are left with after the clearing, after the suffering, is incredible.
You are amazing, eternal, beautiful!
You are not you as you think yourself to be, but you are YOU as the collective entity that’s running this show.
You as the divine ONE, the divine SELF in all your glory in all your deliciousness.
Now is the moment to share all you have been given with the world and shine, that’s why you are here to be seen as the divine being of GOD that you are, to shine your light so brightly it can be seen from the galaxies far far away, to light up the UNI-VERSE with your PRESENCE.
Love Amelia (DP)

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The Cosmic Joke


There is no word that can describe the magnificence of God or that can be understood as God.
Only the experience of God can be and that can not be explained either.
The Cosmic Joke is Here Now.
Love Amelia (DP)

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Here Now What else is There?


People will come and go….lessons will be learnt.
There is no-thing and no-one to cling to, everything and every one is passing by to say hello, to remind you.
It is not permanent, no-thing and no-one can be permanent.
Only that which remains after the deathless death is permanent, is unchanging…..
Only truth remains, only presence remains, only consciousness remains, this is always and forever Here Now.
There is no other place we can be…
Here now in this eternal dream is all there IS…..everything else is illusion.
I AM is all that can be truly known.
Let go of all those things that no longer serve you, wether it be friends, possessions, beliefs and conditioning…
You will not be taking them with you, how can you?
They are all just passing by, they are all just visitors knocking on your door….
You can choose not to let them in….
Here now, Beauty IS , Wisdom IS, All Truth IS, All Empowerment IS…
There is no-thing more and all this is dancing for you!
The dance is bringing you HOME.
How beautiful this mystery IS.
Love Amelia (DP)

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Every-thing is a concept….even and especially Enlightenment.
It is not something you strive for, make happen, grab at…hold on to….
It is always Here Now…..in this moment, it is our Nature.
It is not some-thing that we have to pray for, dance for, punish ourselves for, through gruelling activities that will supposedly take us closer to it!
NO!! It is Here Now! It is not on a mountain in India or in the most complex practice….
It IS…. when you stop and look around….GRACE is revealed, Here as it has always and always IS…
When you are ripe like a peach on the tree…it is your moment to see.
Every moment is leading you back home….no matter what is happening, it is always and in all ways perfect.
When you are ripe, the UNI-VERSE lets you fall into the Ocean of Beingness.
It is happening! This you can be sure of…how WONDER-FULL!
Love Amelia (DP)

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Every One


Every ONE , that shows up in your life has chosen to be here for you, on your incredible journey, this includes every ONE without exception, no matter what.
Each person has travelled through incarnations, galaxies and time and space to share this moment with you, to share their life with you. All these people that show up are helping you see your SELF, mirroring your Self back to you. They are opening up your heart, showing you your gifts, pushing you to wake up.
It is so beautiful!
Love Amelia (DP)

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It is Happening!


Its happening¬†NOW in every moment you are realising the truth of who you are. Its imminent, its our evolution, our truth, our nature. We are in the process of awakening……its an epidemic. Its our natural state of being. Its not always easy, realising the truth, knowing that everything you thought you knew about your self…..isn’t the way it is. You simply are not who you “think” you are. Be gentle with your Self, show your Self Love, honour your Self. Its a process of adjustment and clearing, its the journey from illusion to God.

Love Amelia (DP)

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The mind goes on presuming this and presuming that…it will tie you in knots with ideas, thoughts and beliefs.
Never presume anything, you can never know what the other person is thinking without asking them. You can never know why people’s actions are the way they are without asking them.
When we presume we come from a limited state of thinking, we are not open to the possibilities and it is far easier to blame someone else for what we see, than take responsibly for our own thoughts and projections.
Remain open to see what’s really presenting itself, is it an opportunity for your growth?

Love Amelia (DP)

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Indian Mediation

Walking through the deep dense forest, I realise I left my guide behind me, he’s no longer walking beside me.
I look down and notice I’m dressed in traditional American Indian clothing, with feathers in my hair, in the distance I see a clearing and I move towards it on reaching the edge of the forest one majestic and very beautiful eagle comes to rest on my arm, I am not afraid, he is my friend, my companion on this journey and I feel honoured to have him with me.
I continue to walk and a few minutes later another beautiful eagle comes to rest on my other arm, I am in awe. I am not afraid, I feel strength I have never known before and humility.
Both of the birds take flight together twisting and dancing over the edge of the Rocky Mountains. I watch them play in freedom, joy and absolute bliss, supported by the currents of air, the wind and the hands of grace.
At that moment my guide appears by the side of me, “jump” he whispers and then he launches himself off the side of the mountain. I am fearless and I too jump, he has vanished no-thing of him remains and I do not fall instead I am lifted up, to fly free, feeling the freedom of the eagles moving through me in flight, feeling grace supporting me, my life and everything in it.
I know I am eternal, I know I am love, I know I am free and I know that grace carries me.

Love and Blessings,

Amelia (DP)